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Such as drinking water whenever you are thirsty, eating healthier foods to get better nutrients, exercising more to get fitter, sleeping more to alleviate stress and taking a break to prevent burn out.

These are some of the body cues you need to listen to in order to achieve good health and gain the longevity you deserve.
But for some people who have lived long enough, they start to question whether meeting the needs of your body is enough to live a healthy life. Soon enough, you will realize that a balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep is only a partial view of what healthy living truly means.

What does it really take to become holistically fit? Below are simple yet useful steps you can apply to achieve your best self.

Be Creative

In a literal sense, creativity can help in this regard.

Creative pursuits such as painting dancing, listening and producing music are different forms of creative outlets that have been proven to reduce stress.

Furthermore, being creative keeps you grounded. People who are involved in art, music, even games of skill know and appreciate hard work and overall respect people who pour the same dedication to their craft.

Be Physically Active

Be physically present and engage in activities that make give you a better physique.

Have you noticed that almost all of our fantasies and aspirations in life involve physical actions? A few examples would be winning a basketball game, travelling the world, camping, winning a singing contest, building a treehouse and many more.

Sitting all day long will bring nothing but a painful back, a bigger belly and various health issues. In other words, take action: you will have to do some physical work to accomplish your aspirations.

Do not waste away time by doing nothing. Getting off the couch to pursue your dreams does not just make you physically active, it will also promote mental wellness.

Make Time To Explore

Explore new cultures, new ideas and new technologies. Adulthood is a lot like being a toddler – you have to touch, hold and play with certain objects to learn what they are used for. Traveling to other countries, going to a theme park, picking a book from a genre you do not like that much are some of the explorations you can do to expand your knowledge.

By keeping your mind active, you stave off neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. You can also explore new diet ideas such as the 3 week diet plan review, the Aktins Diet or the Mediterranean diet. Study nutrition and biology to better understand how they relate to your health.

Stay Connected

Humans are social creatures and are fundamentally wired to interact with one another. Living a healthy life means you need to stay connected with your surroundings and the people living in it.

According to Kathleen Mullan Harris, a professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina, social isolation and poor health are linked with one another especially among aging people. It is best to foster good relationships with friends in the earlier part of your life as maintaining old friends is less hard work than making new ones.


Participate in events that you think will improve your health, maybe just indirectly.

A few examples would be joining a fun run in your local area, extending your help for a clean up drive, offer your hand to charitable events or do some volunteering. The best part about participating in these events is that you can interact with many people, gain new acquaintances and friends, get physically active and be in touch with your locality.

Taking simple little steps such as going out with friends or traveling abroad visiting a new country will help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you are looking for. Cultivate the other aspects as mentioned in this article and surely a healthy body and mind will soon follow.