Price Book

I’ve decided to keep my Price Book online and will update it frequently. This will help as a reference for you to create your own Price Book. The price listed is the top price I’ll pay, but there’s many times where I can get the item for even cheaper. I’ll start by listing my most frequent items (Note: These are for name brand products). (Disclaimer: This list is VERY general, but is my personal guidelines when shopping)

Diapers: $5 for jumbo pack

Wipes: $1 for 64 ct box

Hair care: 50¢

Laundry detergent: $2 for 32 loads

Dish soap: $1 for 20 oz

Tooth paste and brushes: free

Deodorant: free

Body Wash: free

Lotion: free

Fruit: 99¢/lb

Meat: $2/lb, $4 /lb for good steaks or seafood

Potatoes: $3/10 lb bag

Soda: $2.50/12 pk, 50¢ for 2 ltr

Loaf of bread: 78¢ (generic, but good!)

Buns: 69¢ (bread outlet store)

Chips: $1

Cereal: $1 per box

Cheese: $2/lb

Yogurt: $0.25 each or $1 per 4-pack

Frozen entrée: 88¢

Canned tuna: 35¢

Canned veggies: 35¢

Frozen veggies: free

Margarine: 50¢/lb

Butter: $1.50/lb

Snacks: $1/package

Ice cream: $1.50/½ gal

Razors: free

Cleaning supplies: free

Toilet paper: $0.25/roll